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DiskGenius is one of the best data recovery apps and partition management tools that provide a one-stop solution for both IT professionals and casual users to look after their storage operations. With this software, you can seamlessly create, edit, delete, error-check your partitions and recover deleted files in Windows 10.

We regularly keep testing out data recovery apps to find out the ones that actually perform and also compare them to find out the best one. In this article, we will be going over DiskGenius to test out some of its main features. We will be first hand testing it to come up with a final verdict on whether DiskGenius is a viable choice for you or not.


TL;DR: DiskGenius has great functionality a massive array of features that are not widely available in competing for free software. Because of its popularity, it is also easy to find tutorials for the tasks you want to do. However, DiskGenius has an outdated UI that may be hard to work with for some people. Regardless of that, DiskGenius data recovery is one of the best inline.


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DiskGenius Main Features

DiskGenius is amongst the best partition recovery software, hosting a complete range of data management tools. Here is a list of some of its main features.

DiskGenius Partition Management

Considering that it’s free, DiskGenius offers an impressive list of partition management tools. Here is what you get when you drop down on the Partition tab in the options menu. DiskGenius partition options

You can create new partitions in the existing selected drive by pressing the N button. It will allow you to redistribute your drive into different smaller drives so that you can micro-manage your new partitions according to your preference.

Apart from recovering formatted partitions, you also get the option to format your current partition, which is useful for preparing newly installed drives on your PC. Other than that, you have the option to hide or delete current partitions. You can resize, extend or split the drive partitions, and you can also change the name of the partition.


At HandyRecovery, we always keep reviewing the performance and usability of popular data recovery applications. You can check out our first-hand software tests for more information.

Disc scanning, Error Checks, and Repairs

Apart from partition creation and modification, DiskGenius can also manage the physical discs connected to a PC. These feature includes running scans for errors and bad sectors, rebuilding the boot tables, performing alignment checks, and viewing SMART diagnostic information.

Right-clicking on the selected partition tab will give you the menu that allows you to scan, verify and repair your sectors. You can also do this by simply pressing Y after selecting the desired sector. DiskGenius home screen DiskGenius scanning Once the scan is complete, DiskGenius will find any bad sectors on your drive and repair them for you. Aside from that, you can check out the SMART information of your storage device in the SMART diagnostic information viewer. This tool can help you detect minor problems with your drive before the issue escalates in the future.

Once the scan is complete, DiskGenius will find any bad sectors on your drive and repair them for you. Aside from that, you can check out the SMART information of your storage device in the SMART diagnostic information viewer. This tool can help you detect minor problems with your drive before the issue escalates in the future.

Moreover, the “4K Partition Alignment Detection” tool is an application that will help find and correct misaligned partitions, speeding up disc drive access and extending the lifespan of SSD drives. DiskGenius alignment detection Finally, DiskGenius allows you to back up and restore the partition table of any particular disc. If a disc partition table is damaged or becomes useless in any manner as a result of the PC’s operation, this backup process can be quite valuable. The ability to swiftly recover the partition table with the DiskGenius program implies that the disc may be made functional again in such instances.

Copying, Cloning, and Migrating

Another factor to consider when selecting disc management software is assistance with other disk-related activities. These activities include moving complete systems to new drives, cloning disks and partitions to other discs, and even cloning discs or partitions to a file that can be recovered later.

DiskGenius comes with a disc cloning program that allows you to clone a full disc or a single partition to another disc installed and operating on the same PC. You just need to select the source and choose the destination drives or partitions, and the utility will handle the rest for you. DiskGenius select target It comes with a dedicated System Migration tool that makes it simple to migrate the whole operating system, including all partitions, user data, apps, and settings. This program functions similarly to disc and partition cloning tools. But it guarantees that all essential discs and partitions are included in the cloning process and that the destination disc is configured as the new bootable disc. DiskGenius select target disk

DiskGenius Data Recovery Review: Guide


If you want to perform quick hard drive recovery or recover data from an SD card using DiskGenius, here is how to do it.

  1. Download DiskGenius from the official website and launch the app. You will be greeted by the DiskGenius homepage.

    This is a direct download link.

    DiskGenius start recovery process

  2. Now, right-click on the partition you want to scan for lost/deleted files. Either select the option that says Recover Lost Files or press U.DiskGenius recover lost files
  3. Make sure the Recover Deleted Files checkbox is ticked.DiskGenius tick mark recover deleted files
  4. If you want to recover particular file types, click on the Select File Types button. In the next window, you can choose the file types you want to recover and click OK.DiskGenius select file typeDiskGenius select file types
  5. Now, press Start.DiskGenius start recovery process
  6. DiskGenius will scan your partition. This process may take a few moments.DiskGenius searching for lost files
  7. Once the scan is complete, you will get a list of lost files that you can recover.DiskGenius scan complete
  8. Simply tick the files you want to restore and right-click on the list. Now click on a destination for your files, and DiskGenius will restore all your lost data.DiskGenius copy to desktop



While you can use the DiskGenius software for free, if you need to recover lost partitions, you will need to upgrade to the paid version of the software. That’s because data recovery on the free version is limited to windows system files. It means that you can recover the damaged OS files to fix problems with the operating system, but you cannot recover lost files.

The limitation on data recovery comes in the form of file formats. You can get the list of formats supported on the standard and pro versions respectively on the DiskGenius website. The standard version will give you access to a decent number of formats that can be recovered for only $69.99. It is a one-time purchase and not a subscription-based service.

The Pro version of DiskGenius will give you access to all the features it has to offer for a one-time fee of $99.99. You will never have to face any limitation on file size that you will recover from any source.

User Feedback

DiskGenius has gathered a large number of reviews from many reputable websites and users. Let’s take a look at some.

Overall, a solid tool that should definitely be considered by anyone looking for disk and partition management software. Well done, DiskGenius! ~ BestBackupReviews

Offering competitive pricing and a complete collection of recovery features, DiskGenius finds and recovers data on almost any data you can think of. ~ TechRadar

DiskGenius is a useful partition management tool that provides an all-in-one solution for partition management and data recovery, which is a big shine. However, its user interface might need to be improved. ~ PartitionWizard


Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions related to DiskGenius:

DiskGenius is a partition management and data recovery tool that uses advanced algorithms to restore deleted data from a hard drive and other storage drives.

To recover lost files and data using DiskGenius, right-click on the partition you want to scan and press U. Now, select the types of files you want to recover and press Start. The software will look for all lost files. Once the scan is complete, select the files you want to recover and choose a destination to restore your data. Your lost files will be copied to the location you’ve selected.

DiskGenius partition recovery tool will help you to restore the partition. You need to click on ‘Partition Recovery’ on the tools tab to search for lost partitions. When you press start, DiskGenius will search for lost partitions.DiskGenius partition options If it finds any lost partitions, you can restore them.

To fix bad sectors, you need to right-click on the drive in which you suspect bad sectors to be. You will find the option to verify and repair bad sectors. Once you click on it, you will find a new tab open up, on which you need to press the start button to search for bad sectors. If you find any bad sectors, you can repair them using DiskGenius.

The process is fairly simple if you want to wipe a drive using DiskGenius. You right-click on the drive that you want to wipe. You will find an option called ‘Erase free space.’ You can also use this feature by pressing E.

You can use DiskGenius to format a USB drive too. First, you need to connect your USB drive to the computer. Once DiskGenius recognizes it and it shows up on the menu, then you can mount it by clicking on it. Once mounted, you will click on the Format button in the tools row. You can then select the format settings and then format it.

Yes, DiskGenius is safe to use for managing your drive or recovering files from flash drives, SD cards, and storage devices. You do not want to accidentally delete certain important files or windows files that can end up harming your OS.

DiskGenius has two options for unlocking additional features and capabilities to the software. You can either upgrade to the standard edition of DiskGenius, which will give you access to many new features but not all of them for $69.99. You can also choose to upgrade to the pro version of the software for $99.99, which will give access to the complete array of features in DiskGenius.

DiskGenius has many free features and can be used for free. However, to unlock the entire suite of features it has to offer, you will have to upgrade to the pro version of the software.


There is no doubt that DiskGenius is a great data recovery tool that is capable of recovering data from HDDs, SSDs, flash drives, and even from corrupted partitions. Even though it took a fair amount of time during our tests, it was able to perform all these tasks without any errors or bugs.

The only major setback we faced was with the outdated UI that complicates things and makes it hard to navigate and select the correct option out of the bundle. However, it can’t be taken as a complete deal breaker as DiskGenius makes it up for it by offering a plethora of features, including a partition manager and many other nifty disk management tools.

Our verdict: 4 out of 5.

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