David Morelo

David Morelo

Staff Writer From: Czech Republic Joined: 2017

David Morelo is a technical staff writer for Handy Recovery Advisor. He possesses a remarkable ability to translate complex data recovery and data management topics into easily digestible content. David was a key figure in the origin of our project in 2017, authoring many of the first articles for our site. He continues to play a role in assisting the Editorial and Marketing/QA teams with building and training the content writing team.


David specializes in data loss issues involving Windows and macOS operating systems, along with the most common associated file systems: NTFS, APFS, and exFAT. Because he firmly believes data loss is always avoidable, he also focuses on data loss prevention strategies for users of both operating systems. David’s expertise extends beyond data recovery; he comprehensively covers storage management for iPhones and other Apple devices.

  • Windows PC, Linux PC, and MacBook Air M1
  • Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 5
  • Various Android smartphones (including Xiaomi and Samsung models)
  • iPhone 13
  • All types of external and internal storage devices (including USB drives, SD cards, external hard drives, etc.)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English Language from the University of Silesia, Opava.
  • Certification in Google Cybersecurity from Coursera.
  • Certification in Content Marketing from HubSpot Academy.
  • Certification in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google.

Articles written or contributed by David