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Manuviraj Godara

Staff Writer From: Jaipur, India Joined: 2021

Manuviraj Godara recently joined the staff writers team at Handy Recovery Advisor, having previously established himself as a valuable contributing writer. His journey has had its share of challenges, but Manuviraj has consistently demonstrated perseverance, commitment to principles, and a strong desire for personal development. These skills and dedication have earned him a well-deserved spot on this team.

A lifelong fascination with tinkering with computers, video games, and consumer technology since childhood has given him immense knowledge in these arenas. An educational background in both English Literature and Technology has honed his ability to craft articles that are both informative and engaging.


Manuviraj’s areas of expertise include troubleshooting disk-related errors (e.g., data corruption, connection errors, bad blocks) on Windows and macOS, and recovering data from USB drives, SD cards, hard disk drives (HDDs). He frequently tests data recovery programs as well. Manuviraj likes simplifying complex topics, and tests each method he writes about—making his content accessible, actionable, and accurate. He also believes in collaborating with subject-matter experts (SMEs) to take his articles to the next level.

  • MacBook Air (M2) with a 256 GB SSD, running macOS Sonoma
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 with a 128 GB SSD, running Windows 11
  • High-end desktop computer with a 1 TB hard drive, running Windows 10
  • iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 17
  • Several USB drives, and SD cards
  • Seagate Expansion 1 TB USB 3.0 external hard drive
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature (Honours) from St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur.
  • Certification in Inbound Marketing from HubSpot Academy.

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