About Us

At Handy Recovery, we focus on data recovery products, techniques, and tips to help users recover deleted data and avoid future data loss.

Making Data Recovery Easy

Our goal is to protect the digital lives of everyone, from regular home users to organizations with thousands of employees.

We believe that the best approach for achieving this goal is to empower users to recover their data by providing accurate, expertly verified information, such as data recovery software reviews and step-by-step recovery guides.

Data recovery is a complicated process, but we know how to make it accessible, and we’re happy to share our experience and knowledge with you, our readers.
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Proud Members of the 508 Software Family

We’re proud members of the 508 Software family, which has over a decade of experience with building powerful data recovery and data management software solutions that stand out with their unrivaled ease of use and impressive performance.

As a member of the 508 Software family, it’s our responsibility to uphold its values and make complex technical problems easy to grasp. Only when we empower users with accurate information and affordable tools will they become able to solve everyday technical challenges that might otherwise keep them from being productive.

Providing Leading Data Recovery Software Solutions

508 Software was born in 2009 with the release of its flagship product, Disk Drill. After just two years, Disk Drill achieved 250,000 installations, was purchased by more than 10,000 users, and became one of the most-downloaded Mac apps at Download.com, an internet download directory website owned by CNET.

Disk Drill for macOS and Windows

Fast-forward to today, and Disk Drill has been installed on well over 10 million Mac and Windows computers. The latest version features an even more accessible user interface, a ton of new features, as well as a unified licensing model for macOS and Windows, making it the most user-friendly and efficient data recovery software application in the world.
  • Solutions for Everyone

    Data loss can occur to anyone and on any device. To solve as many cases of data loss as possible, Disk Drill is available for macOS and Windows and localized into 16 languages. Both versions of Disk Drill can recover data from all commonly used storage devices, including hard drives, USB flash drives, or memory cards, and they support hundreds of file formats.
  • Free Data Recovery

    Providing value without asking for anything in return is a core belief shared by all members of the 508 Software family. That’s why Disk Drill users can preview all recovery methods for free. The users of Disk Drill for Windows can additionally recover up to 500 MB of data of data free of charge.
  • Customer-Oriented Philosophy

    At 508 Software, we consider our customers to be part of our family and treat them accordingly. Our professional customer support team operates in CES and EST time zones, offering expert advice using language even regular home users can understand. We stand behind our products and continuously improve them by polishing existing functionality and adding new features.