Windows 10 data recovery that restores all of your Office files with a few clicks

Method 1
Employing a data recovery software tool
Step 1:
Download, install and start the recovery software
Step 2:
Select the disk you want to scan for lost files
Step 3:
Choose a stoage location and use it to recover your files

Best 3 data recovery software for Windows
Updated 01 July. 2020
Free version, Pro version $89

Free recovery: Free recovery - 500 MB



Free recovery: Freeware


Paid $49.97

Free recovery: No free version

Method 2
Recover deleted data from previoulsy made backups
Step 1:
Start your backup and recovery tool
Step 2:
Search the backup catalog for the desired files
Step 3:
Restore your data from the storage media
Method 3
Take your computer to a data recovery facility
Step 1:
Package your computer for shipping
Step 2:
Get used to life without your computer for a few days
Step 3:
Get the bad news that physical recovery has failed