When you accidentally empty the Recycle Bin, this software solution can recover your lost Office files

Method 1
Reovering your files with data recovery software
Step 1:
Download, install and start the recovery software
Step 2:
Scan your disk or partition for recoverable files
Step 3:
Recover your files to a new storage location

Best 3 data recovery software for Windows
Updated 01 December. 2019
Free version, Pro version $89

Free recovery: Free recovery - 500 MB



Free recovery: Free scan

Free, Premium $99

Free recovery: Free Trial

Method 2
Recover deleted data from previoulsy made backups
Step 1:
Launch your backup and restore software
Step 2:
Query the recovery media for the data you need
Step 3:
Recover files to your computer from the backup media
Method 3
Engage professionals to perform physical data recovery
Step 1:
Package your computer for shipping
Step 2:
Make alternative plans for if the data cannot be retrieved
Step 3:
Insert the returned hard drive into your machine and see what was recovered