The simpliest methods with steps to recover your lost jpg, png, gif, tiff and other popular graphic file formats

Method 1
Employing a data recovery software tool
Step 1:
Download the software, install it, and launch the app
Step 2:
Select the disk you want to scan for lost files
Step 3:
Select a new location for the files and let the app restore them

Best 3 data recovery software for Windows
Updated 05 April. 2020
Free version, Pro version $89

Free recovery: Free recovery - 500 MB


R-Studio FAT $49.99, R-Studio NTFS $59.99, R-Studio $79.99, Network $179.99, Technician $899.99

Free recovery: No free version


Free recovery: Freeware

Method 2
Restore deleted data using your backups
Step 1:
Launch your backup and restore software
Step 2:
Search the storage media to find the files you wish to recover
Step 3:
Use the backup media to recover your selected data
Method 3
Take your computer to a data recovery facility
Step 1:
Carefully pack your machine to be shipped to the recovery service
Step 2:
Pace around and hope the recovery is successful
Step 3:
Vow to never ignore those sounds from your hard drive ever again