Recover any type of deleted file from your Windows computer using this effective method

Method 1
Using a data recovery application
Step 1:
Download, install and launch the application
Step 2:
Scan the selected disk for files that can be recovered
Step 3:
Select a new location for the files and let the app restore them

Best 3 data recovery software for Windows
Updated 24 January. 2020
Free version, Pro version $89

Free recovery: Free recovery - 500 MB


File Recovery $39.95, Photo Recovery $49.95, Recovery Software $69.95

Free recovery: Free scan & preview

Open Source

Free recovery: Freeware

Method 2
Recover from data loss using your backups
Step 1:
Launch your backup and restore software
Step 2:
Search the storage media to find the files you wish to recover
Step 3:
Restore data to your computer using the storage media
Method 3
Send your storage device out for physical data recovery
Step 1:
Package your computer for shipping
Step 2:
Get used to life without your computer for a few days
Step 3:
Vow to never ignore those sounds from your hard drive ever again