Cleaning your Mac’s hard drive, you permanently delete irreplaceable photos! Luckily, you can recover them quickly and easily.

Method 1
Employing a data recovery software tool
Step 1:
Download the tool, install it, and start the program
Step 2:
Start the scanning process to identify recoverable data
Step 3:
Restore your data to a designated storage location

Best 3 data recovery software for Mac
Updated 19 August. 2019
Free version, Pro version $89

Free recovery: Free scan & preview



Free recovery: Free scan

Free, Personal $79, Commercial $199, Enterprise $399, Technician $499

Free recovery: Free recovery - 1MB

Method 2
Recover deleted data from previoulsy made backups
Step 1:
Launch the applicaiton that you used to create the backups
Step 2:
Search the storage media to find the files you wish to recover
Step 3:
Use the backup media to recover your selected data
Method 3
Send your storage device out for physical data recovery
Step 1:
Remove the hard drive if possible to be shipped
Step 2:
Make alternative plans for if the data cannot be retrieved
Step 3:
Pay the man and get your computer and its data back